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Holy Shiz! Clare Fonda Pass!

Posted on 2008.08.30 at 12:27
How I Feel: chipperchipper
I am posting this here on Livejournal for two reasons - there are a lot of people who read their friend pages, and my LJ shows up first when search engines search for me *grin*

Anyway, a lot of you know about Clare Fonda's 3 site special which includes Spanked Sweeties, Girl Spanks Girl, and the rectal temp taking world of Kara Prepare Yourself. Well, she recently opened two new (really fuckin awesome sites) ones - Clare Spanks Men and My Spanking Roommate. Clare Spanks Men is all femdom and Clare has some really great young guys, not to mention the one and only Tom Byron. My Spanking Roommmate is a story line site. Some girls, Madison Martin and her sexy friends, live next door to Clare who often spanks them for naughty behavior.

So on top of Clare's three site special, she now offers the Clare Fonda Pass, which is one price, one account, for ALL give sites! I think that's pretty incredible. You can join and get the pass for all five sites, for just USD $49.99. Thats the price of like, two websites, for all five. I think it's pretty incredible.  Isn't Clare hot in the picture for this banner?  Love the matching bra and panties!

Kate James

New Site

Posted on 2008.06.19 at 00:12
Just showing off the banners I made for my new site :)

I've no comments there yet and they'd be appreciated...I sorta needa know people still like me...:( It feels like I'm a one hit wonder....fallin' off the earth!!!


Kate James

New site, new name, and ready to go!

Posted on 2008.06.16 at 18:31
Ok, so recently I bought the domain name spankingkatejames.com - to use instead of my old site. I transferred it to my hosting and got to work. It took me a bit to figure out the kinks (no pun intended), but I now have a working site, including blog, pictures, and info about sessions. Not to mention, my new forum.

Spanking Kate James
Young Spankos

And a gallery to come with the help of the amazing Pablo from The Treehouse

Change your bookmarks, evanescently is no longer active! Defunct, not in use, not mine, etc etc.

Enjoy the new site, this one will stay as an archive, but my new one will be IT. Feel free to email if you'd like me to add you to my links :)

krjames [at] mac [dot] com

Kate James

Young Spankos

Posted on 2008.06.12 at 23:56
Ok, I've made a bunch of changes to my yahoo group. For starters - it's no longer a yahoo group, but an actual forum, hosted on my website. You can visit the root, but it's under construction and I won't be able to get to it till this weekend.

However, while I sat with my boyfriend giving him moral support today, I was able to get my forum figured out and finally up and running.

Anyone between the ages of 18-40 is welcome to join. Upon joining, you will be approved, and then you must put your birthdate in your profile. I will know if you're lying!!

Young Spankos

Enjoy :)

Kate James


Posted on 2008.06.11 at 12:28
The heat wave broke last night! I was in Manhattan for a JOB INTERVIEW on the upper east side, and while I probably got it, it most likely won't work out (will explain below). A lot of the side work I've been doing lately, has been freelance babysitting/nannying and I posted an ad on craigslist a week or so ago about being available full time/part time for it. I got a bunch of emails in the last four days, which was exciting.

So I was coming back from my interview to my boyfriend's office, and it was just so hot. I had to wait for him to let me in, and by the time we got upstairs, I was immensely thankful for the air conditioning. A half hour, 45 minutes later, we walked outside and it was COOL. Not cold, but it was breezy and cool and COMFORTABLE. Woohoo! It was also about to storm like whoa. We finally hailed a cab but my legs got pelted with gravel/dirt when a HUGE gust of wind came, and I almost blew away, I swear it!

So, the interview went well, when the kid finally let her mother sit for five seconds. It was the MOST demanding four and a half year old I have ever seen in my life...and I've seen a lot of four and a half year olds! They are "late in life parents" - must have been in their late 40s at least. Everytime the little girl said she wanted something, mom got up and got it. If she asked the little girl to do something, she either wouldn't answer, or she'd say something else, or she'd get the look of satan on her face and answer very angrily. And then she asked if I'd read to her, so I did. We read Cinderella. All of a sudden she got down off the bed and left the room...er...ok she brought back the cat. Great, I'm allergic to cats in my lap. The cat looked terrified of her and ran off. She then wanted me to read another story (this one was a HUGE snow white book) and I said it was too long and picked up a pooh bear book. After pouting and whining she finally started to listen to the book. Then got off the bed without saying anything, mid book! and left.

That was that. I found her in the hallway where she ripped off her plastic clip on earrings, and hurled them on the floor. Nice! Mom put down dinner which she was making, and went and put them away.

So I'm not sure I'd like to be the one to teach little miss upper east side some manners with mom home. Plus, the pay isn't that great and it's only 3 afternoons a week. I'd do another job as well, but it's time in the middle of the day which would make it inconvenient. OH and the father sat at his computer the whole time, barely speaking...hmm

Next interview tonight seems more promising - longer hours, one little girl, who knows :) Wish me luck around 7PM EST!

Kate James

Clare Spanks Men

Posted on 2008.06.10 at 20:45
Well, she's done it! Clare Fonda has re-opened her Fem Dom website. Wow, I am excited. She's got a guy who shot for Kelly Payne last summer, on there, and he is just such a little painslut...he LOVED it. He'd never done it before, but he loved it. And he came back for more. He isn't the only cute face on there. Legendary porn star Tom Byron, who recently shot a femdom video with Shadow Lane, also makes an appearance. Talk about delicious. The banner below takes you to a tour. I HIGHLY recomend this. All the content is great, and it's super high quality, and of course has all the humor any Clare Fonda site has. It's called Clare Spanks Men but other women, including Chelsea Pfieffer, make appearances.

And don't forget!!! If you want to see ME in a really awesome video - Exclusive Education 3 - send me a donation for my plane ticket. If you donate $50 or more, you'll get a signed (by me!) copy of the DVD when it's been released. You can catch EE1 and EE1 on Clare's Girl Spanks Girl. Hit the donate button below :) The date is drawing closer (July 13th is), so hurry hurry!


Reaching Out

Posted on 2008.06.08 at 19:06
EDIT: Ok, I've had 100 donated so far and need about 500 total...any takers? :) Email me or find the donate button below..

Well my lovely minions...I mean, fans, I am reaching out, to YOU for my next video jaunt. Clare Fonda has invited me to LA for a steller weekend to shoot her amazing yearly film with a bunch of other girls (EE3 anyone?), as well as a few other things, including something possibly for her new website.

I want to go more than anything, it'll be almost exactly a year since I shot with her, and I haven't shot a video since I did for SIN, but before that, August! Wow right? The problem? Plane ticket :( I've got a few job interviews this week, but as you all know, living in NY isn't cheap. I'll be put up while there, but need a way to get my pretty bum out there, you know what I'm sayin? I would like a sponsor for a plane ticket to get out there so I can shoot.

A copy of the video, as soon as it's ready, will be yours to keep (signed by at least me...)

Send me an email at krjames@mac.com :)

Kate James


Posted on 2008.06.08 at 13:50

Last night was my one year Paddles-Versary, meaning one year ago, this weekend, myself and a friend, Midnight Sky, huddled up in a hotel in midtown Manhattan, ready to reek havoc on the city. We were attending our first OTK night, and her first public spanking event! Our friend SantaCruzChris joined us as well. It was an awesome weekend, and here are some repost pictures from it.



Lotion rubdown!


(cross posted to soc.sexuality.spanking newsgroup)

:) Here ya go! Last night was the Monthly OTK night at Paddles Club here in NYC. It takes place the first Saturday of the month and there is a munch beforehand at the Moonstruck Diner on the corner of 23rd and 9th. We all gather in the back part of it and sit at a big long table. Good food and good people. They're run by a fine lady named Sinny. Afterwards we all walk over to the club, it's just one big block and 3 short blocks away. Although, it was so hot, that was enough to make you want to get inside. Ladies get in free if you go to the munch, so if you live 'round here...you should go!

Anyway, the first gentleman to approach me was a nice guy who goes by MoviesBill. He is super sweet and a good spanker. So we wandered off to the back of the club and he gave me a nice spanking. His spankings are never overly hard, and are just right. They feel like a firm bum massage! :) I hung around, being a brat with a nice boy (girl!) who has the largest collection of school boy uniforms I've ever seen. He had peanut m&ms...and a sling shot! :) I saw a good friend who pops up rarely and who I met at SL last summer and spent a lot of time with. We didn't play but it was nice to catch up.

My nice big spanking of the evening came from someone new who joined my yahoo group. We talked and he asked me to play. I said yes and we went to one of two short hallways that has a chain to limit how close to crazies can get to the scene. We talked and after deducing that stingy implements, such as a light Shadow Lane hairbrush were out of the question, he decided to just use his hand. But boy oh boy did he ever use his hand. He asked me to use yellow and red if I needed to, as he'd never spanked me before. I used yellow once but really liked how he was a firm and hard spanker. His hand was stingy at first and I yellowed once, but after that my bum got used to it. He was thorough too. My whole bum from the top to the tops of my thighs, was red! Mmmm nice.

I got a water and some cheese doodles from the "Whips and Licks Cafe", sadly passing up the Frozwn Virgin Penis Colada and Frozen Pierced Nipple. I chit chatted with Michael and Sinny for a while and then my bum said it was time to go home.

I stopped at the pharmacy to get some things I needed and looked for a trian, hopping on the R, I took it to 36th Street and changed to a D. I walked home from the D because my normal N wasn't running, and a bunch of guys in a car were basically following me. They kept pulling up and stopping, and making comments. It was sort of very scary.

All in all, a good night. My daddy got home super later (8 am!) as it was a night job last night. We just snuggled a bit and he kissed the bruise I got because of him the other night. He pulled me over his lap in the train station, and the benches have wooden dividers, and I banged my elbow on one. Ouch! He said if I hadn't been misbehaving I wouldn't have banged my elbow. A raspberry was all I had to say about that.

He reached next to our bed and got my birthday paddle - a frat style one made by a friend at Paddles and given to all the January birthday brats. I HATE those style paddles. Like, not quite a hard limit, but I don't let anyone spank me with them except Max, and the occassional very close friend spanker. He pinned me down on our bed where we were snuggling and gave me six. Oh man, my bum was still a bit sore from last night and I about hit the roof. I even cried a little.

Daddy doesn't like raspberries!

Kate James


Posted on 2008.06.04 at 23:03
I am frustrated with so many things right now.

1. I feel like I've hit a wall with my job hunting. I've applied just about everywhere I want to work, and everywhere else, I am not qualified for or they want someone with more experience. I'm absolutely not wasting my time applying to places I don't want to work and know I would be miserable at - ie. Starbucks. Target. McDonalds.

2. Spanking companies don't even respond to my emails anymore, or they ask for pictures, and then don't respond again. Like, I'm not even worthy of a response because well I'm not their "body type" or my body type isn't within their "vision" or whatever.

3. You probably think I get spanked all the time. I don't. Not even often. Sure I get a couple cane strokes if I don't apply for jobs, but I don't get fun spankings all the time, and the canings are usually 2-6 strokes and fades within a few hours. I'm not complaining, I hate the cane. But I just wish I could play more. I miss it.

I guess that's my three biggest frustrations right now...



Posted on 2008.06.04 at 16:56
So, the weather is getting HOT, forget warm, it's hot out. It's been in the 80s for days. Today it's in the 70s, but that's still high, when it's so humid. It stormed last night, and we're due more rain. So today I've stayed in and been writing. I've been working on spanking stories for the soc.sexuality.spanking Summer Short Story Contest. It runs every summer on the SSS newsgroup. If you don't use a newsreader, or know what Usenet is, go to google groups and type in spanking. The rules, etc. are posted there.

Today I posted a new story called The King and His Men

On another note, Clare Fonda, my favorite video producer in the world, has had a new website for the last few months. It's called My Spanking Roommate and it's a series site. There are set characters, as well as guest ones, and they all play a role. It's really cool and has the hottest girls around on it. Click the banner below to check it out :)

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